Our kennel was created out of a passion and love for the dog breed German Shepherd. We didn't made that kennel for make a money and we treat it as springboards from work and worries of everyday life.

Although kennel aren't large size is set ourselves high standards and strive to have a professional character, and our dogs meet all the requirements imposed by the Kennel Club and the German organization SV.
Particular emphasis is placed on the health of our dogs that are under the care of a veterinary clinic "Gaja i Przyjaciele", are regularly vaccinated, dewormed, x-rayed to dysplasia in both hips and elbows.

In addition to a nice anatomy especially important for us is the nature of dogs. So much we pay attention to the back of genetic females and very carefully select sires. At the core of our breeding bitches are the best breeding lines having in their pedigrees only German dogs. We regularly train our sheepdogs which translates the results of the examinations IPO, PT, licensed breeding, psychological testing and the nature of future puppies. Our dogs receive the highest excellent rating for canine exhibitions and psychological tests.
Our puppies are born in the house. We try to provide them with a happy childhood. From the first moments of life we take care of it, to be cuddled, stroking, playing with the kids, got to know the rules prevailing among humans and other animals, we are aware that proper socialization at an early stage of life is essential to the sustainable nature of the dog.

Although kennel of German Shepherds is a very expensive hobby that requires many sacrifices, many hours spent on commuting to exhibitions, training, often sleepless nights during the rearing puppies, it is the joy that comes from communing with the dogs, with their boundless love and devotion to compensate all these difficulties and make the culture becomes the joy and meaning of life.
We invite you to visit our site and jointly promoting the breed that is the German Shepherd, and the owners of the dogs from our kennel, we wish you happy with their ownership and success at exhibitions and training.

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