» News from year 2017 «

We plann new litter
We plann new litter in our kennel! This time mother will be MONTA z Leśnego Justynowa and proud father become UGO Kalpus - pregnancy confirmed by USG, whelping around 11.10.2017

Show season in full. Very good places and grades of our young promising female MONTA z Leśnego Justynowa:

* 27.08.2016, 1 place, Best Puppy in Breed, grade: Very Promising,
* 15-16.10.2016 Choceń, 2 place, grade: Excellent,
* 8-19.03.2017 Choceń, 1/7 place, grade: Excellent, CWC,
* 13-14.05.2017 Łódź, 2/10 place, grade: Excellent.

New litter
In 12.04.2017 was born cute, strong and perfectly promising male. Parents become YCONE Hexenland and HUNTER vom Haus Tchorz :)

Planned litter
We plann new litter after YCONE Hexenland and HUNTER vom Haus Tchorz. More informations in PLANNED LITTERS section.

Super news from Wrocław: our female MONTA z Leśnego Justynowa hips and elblows perfect - HD A, ED 0, In addition, over-spine x-ray - result: spine correct, changes not detected.

» News from year 2016 «
Litter 'W'
On this day was born strong and healthy litter after YCONE Hexenland and CEDRO z Leśnego Justynowa :)
Male and females we wish great and loving owners.

We started new training season.

» News from year 2014/2015 «
Litter 'B' in new homes
All puppies was find their new homes. BRUNO and BAX serve at a security company in London :)

Litter 'B'
3 june 2015 was born beautiful puppies after very titled male Bax z Leśnego Justynowa. With that pedigree we expecting super character and very nice anatomy. More informations on Current Litters section.

With females under the guidance of a perfect helper we started training season. Our destination is to try to repeat the success of previous Club Show and earn the title of "best females of mental tests".

Third litter in kennel
Are born puppies from excellent matting Ycone Hexenland + Derrick Vom Trompetersprung. Puppies where born in great condition, big, strong, nice coloured and to the surprise all of us we have quite a large herd :)

» News from year 2013 «
Second litter in kennel
After a busy and eventful season, a nice accent at the end of the year. After a half of year and waiting for the world come healthy and beautiful puppies from excellent combination Ycone Hexenland and Fritz vom Kuckucsland. This is the second litter of this female.
We hope that next year will be equally successful and will fulfill another dream...

Ycone the best female on tests
23-24.09 WIĘCBORK 2013 our Ycone Hexenland at the club German Shepherd show take the title BEST FEMALES IN MENTAL TESTING proving the same its stable and reliable character and qualities of breeding and bring to us joy and pride :)

Breeding license
On 09/08/2013 our Yconka in Strzegów under the guidance of the judge Mr. Federak in great style passed license breeding, and took part in an official training session before the exhibition club.

National Dog Show in Włocławku
On 01.09.2013r. our female Dherby Hexenland was a great success at the exhibition of the National Dog Show in Włocławek taking 1st place in the strong rate of 7 females and took CAC and excellent grade!!!

Season training has started
01.08.2013 we started under the guidance of trainer Michał Wiśniewski from Łódź training of the defense to prepare our bitch Ycone Hexenland to psychological testing for club show in Więcbork. Of course the defense with equally good results readily trained younger female Dherby.

Dherby become a breeding female
On 01.06.2013r. our female Dherby Hexenand in Płock passed BH exam with very good grade with 57/60 points, mental tests 14/15 points and was qualified for breeding.

» News from year 2012 «
German Shepherd Club Show in Krasnymstaw
On 15-16.09.2012 we took part in the exhibition German Shepherd Club in Krasnymstaw where our Dherby Hexenland handling by Kasia Leszczyńska took a beautiful 5th place in a very strong stace 25 females - excellent grade.

Dog Show in Gostynin
On 27.05.2012 was held Dog Show in Gostynin - 2nd place our Dherby - excellent grade.

Exhibition of German Shepherds in Jawor
On 19.05.2012r. we participated in the German Shepherd Dog in the picturesque mountain town of Jawor, our Dherby Hexenland took 3rd place and received a very good grade.

First litter in kennel
On 16.04.2012r puppies were born after our Ycone Hexenland and Ironman zur Worringer Rheinaue.

International Dog Show in Głogów
27.01.2012 we took part in the International Dog Show in Głogów - second place Ycone Hexenland and excellent grade.

» News from year 2011 «
Exams PT and IPO1
On 11.12.2011 our Ycone Hexenland in Płock passed IPO1 exams with a very good score 278/300, PT exam with very good results, the number of points 183/200 and passed psychological tests and has been approved for breeding - coach Dariusz Więckowski.

National Dog Show in Włocławku
National Dog Show in Włocławek - 4th place Ycone and excellent grade.

German Shepherd Dog Show in Wrocław
On 01.05.2011 we took part in the exhibition of German Shepherds in Wrocław where our female Ycone took second place and received excellent grade!!!